What is this website ?

This is the website of a man trying to become a game designer
This is the website of a man who had given up on storing his work using non reliable hard drives
This is the website of a man fiddling with everything he can put his hands on

Here you will find, games, visuals, and music. None of them are polished, or even finished by now.
You've been warned. This website is more of an open diary than a professional portfolio.
But hopefully with time it should grow up, and then maybe ...

Please keep in mind that this website is my hidden garden.
If you stumble upon this land, chances are it's because I gave you the url

More about me ?

Want to know more about me?
Ok, let's get intimate.

Current work : OpenGL Graphic Engine - Proofreading this whole website - updating Unity games to WebGl -

Formating Windows partition because windows is being windows and is becoming more and more unstable

Current mood : No time to stop, No time to finish up sentences, No time to
Current reading : "Le meilleur des mondes" && "Les aventures de Northwerst Smith" && "Hunger Games 1"
Currrent games : Wish I had time for that
Current music : Claire Diterzi
Current serie : X-files

If you want to know more, discuss about videogames, weather, cross stitch, etc
contact me at : hijackedbrain@hijackedbrain.com