What is ENJMIN? It's a french public school focused around the video game jobs (music artists, graphic artists, game designer, developer, etc). I can say sincerly it's the only school I want to enrol in.

So, here lies, the projects I wrote for the ENJMIN entrance exam
I added some personal thought about why I got accepted/rejected.
But please, keep in mind I've got no official feedback on my entrance exam, so I might be totally wrong about this.

ENJMIN 2013 eyeClosed

State of the project: accepted at first, but rejected at the oral session.

I think I got accepted at first, because of the simplicity and originality of the game.
I think they liked the puzzle + arcade gameplay. And I had some interesting gimmicks for the multiplayer aspects too.
But honestly... What a boring project to read it was. The presentation, the ""drawings"", the overall aspect of this project seemed all rushed out.
Also, with hindsight, it lacked diagrams. I didn't talk about my USP&KSP, time session length, etc

I have been rejected at the oral session because I couldn't understand one of the examinator's question and thus couldn't defend my project correctly.
Also I was really stressed out and confused by this oral exam. I thought it was just a simple interview where they would judge my motivation...
But no, in this crucial interview, you've got the typical interview stuff + you have to defend your project, and demonstrate how cultured you are.
I've been caught off guard. So when they asked me what was my favorite game, movie, book, etc I couldn't find a correct answer.
Honestly, judging by my steam account, I currently have played more than 300 games. To those, you have to add, all of my consoles games.
Sames goes for the movies and books. How could i pick ONE game from all of those.
I wasn't prepared for that.

DL link : Derive PDF

ENJMIN 2014 eyeClosed

State of the project: rejected

Seriously... what a joke...
I was a mess (physically and mentaly) back then when I wrote this project.
No diagram, no illustrations, long and overcomplicated sentences...
And at least half of this project is talking about the scenario, the universe, or just stating obvious stuff.
WHERE IS THE GAMEPLAY ??? It's a game design project !!!

To this day, I still think the idea behind this project can hold up.
But damn ... can somone bear with this writing to sap the originality out of it.

I can't blame them for rejecting this.

DL link : Mishra PDF

ENJMIN 2015 eyeClosed

State of the project: accepted at first stage, second stage incoming

What could be wrong with this project?
Some people who read my project argued that my game is too complicated for kids....
But let's face it, it's three elementary game mechanics mashed together.
It's nothing too fancy (and that could be a bad point... maybe it lacks originality).
You only need dedication to get better at this game. Practice makes perfect.
And who's got more free time than kids and teenagers ?

Compared to "Derive/ENJMIN 2013", this project may lack a little touch of madness, of crazy, originality
But here is the problem
ENJMIN restricts the number of pages to 25 for GD project.
So it's complicated to be fully original with this limit.
A totally new gameplay concept needs more pages to be described.
Also, originality is more risky,
the jury is more likely to dislike something original but badly explained
.... So yeah, I might be bailing out on this one.
But I think I found a right compromise between originality and readability with this project.

I really liked the subject this year.
"Higgs boson" really inspired me. I had a lot of ideas.

Here I'll try to list the principle ideas I had for this project:

_ "Collision" : collision is a multiplayer driving game.
In this game, players are divided in two teams of elementary particles.
The game takes place in the CERN collider.
Each team races throught the collider in opposite direction.
The goal of one team is to collide with particle of the other team.
While the goal of the opposite team is to survive for a certain time.

_ "ARG game" : I didn't dig up this one really far.
But I wanted to develop an android ARG game to emulate the science process
People would have to exchange informations throught the world and confront different results to discover "the truth"

_ "reality" : This game was mainly focused on time shift (due to higgs field and other "stuff").
if something as abstract as the weight, could be explained by elementary particles. Why couldn't the time be explained too?
And thus, I decided to create a game based on time+weight shifting mechanics.
But I was afraid of doing something too close to "Quantum Conundrum"
_ "gravity" : This would have been a game solely based on weight shifting.
But like "Higgs Syndrom" or "katamari damacy", you would start on a little scale (elementary particules) and end up moving galaxies

_ "educational game" : At first my project was designed to be an educational and scientifically exact game.
I wanted to get kids involed and passionate for science.
But then I realized how complicated it would be to explain from the ground, what a bozon is to 8->12 years old.
Plus, I'm no specialist. At the beginning, "Higgs Syndrom" was this game.
It had a lot more of different levels/scales (elementary particles, atomic, molecule, planteary, galactic, universe).
It was also entirely based on puzzles, and "accesories gimmicks".
Molecules levels were AR based, so kids could manipulate them.
I had some levels whiche were only solvable when the battery of the phone was a certain level of charge.
But then I realized how complex the project would have been...
And also it would have been just another puzzle games, with interesting gimmicks.
It would have no substance. And it certainly would have been too complicated/frustrating for a lot of kids.
So I decided to gave up. i kept some ideas, throw others away, but most importantly, I decided to had more FUN to it.

My thoughts on 2nd exam:
English test went pretty well
General culture test has been OK, except for those crazy names.... I can't remember any names it's nearly pathological ^^"
Media analysis test .... Due to the technical issues we had, I've spent too much times writing notes and so couldn't write half of the stuff I had. But it should be enough

DL link : Higgs's Syndrom PDF