Here are some of the games, I've been working on lately.
Due to defective hard drives, I've lost most of my work. So I decided to upload everything on my server from now on. Here's what I'm currently working on during my free time:

Unity Games :

ghoul Garden eyeClosed

Description: A simple one level clone of "Plant VS Zombies"

It was my first unity game.
know bugs:
_ difficulty completly off the charts
_ sometimes zombies stop walking or goes off track, floating on the board

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Slice Prototype eyeClosed

Description: STILL IN WORK,

What it will be like ?
It will be a First Person Puzzle, in which there will be "zombies" (I called them zombies, beccause they're not pretty smart, and run straight to the player. They're not actual zombies).
The player has to use them by throwing them in a pit to fill it so the player can walk over it, using their wheight so they activate a switch on the floor, etc
For now, the game is a succession of rooms/puzzles like in portal/Talos Principle.
To succed it his task, the player is equpied with a "sliceGun". The slice gun slices (duh!) enemies in two. Slicing a zombie with it goes throught 3 steps:
1/ the enemy is stunned for 2 seconds. During this period, the player can walk on him without taking damages.
2/ the ennemy is slicing itself into two new ennemies (like cells during mitosis) for 5 seconds.
3/ two ennemies are now born and roam looking for the player.

So the player has to create new ennemies to solve the puzzles, and avoid any contact with them at the same time.
And he has nothing to defend himself, he can only run away, jump, and eventually "stun" ennemies (creating mores ennemies in the process, so ... stun with caution) with his slicegun

No story is written for the game yet. The prototype is still in development.
I had this idea in my head for a while, and it seems fun. So I decided to test it.
TODO list:
_ finish custom physic engine/collision system (THIS is the biggie)
_ add doors animations
_ add repulsive forces between cubes during cloning process

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Running Man eyeClosed

Description: A runner game where you can interact with the incoming platform

In this game, the player has three main powers; he can "zoom" platforms, move them, or destroy them.
He can only access to one power at a time. Like in tetris, the list of current and incoming powers(tetrominos) is visible on screen. But the player can't act on them, he has to deal with whatever power he's got.
Some platforms has special effects too (speed up, speed down, rotating platforms, etc)
Running man is a cooperative work and so ... the code and the game is still hosted on a private server
To Be Released in : july 2015

GameMaker Games :

1945 eyeClosed

Description: Typical 1945 arcade clone
Nothing too fancy, mutiple ennemies type (you've got to make a certain score to make new ennemies appear).
Endless game.
I did this game, for didactic purposes. To understand how gamemakers works.

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Click the clown eyeClosed

Description: Once again, I did this game for didactic purpose.
It was my first gameMaker game. And yet it was enough for me to conclude that construct2, is way better than gameMaker (just my opinion)
Concerning the game, it's a typical "click the clown" game.
You've got to click the clown to increase your score, and the more you click the faster it goes.

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